Teaching of the Ocean

This existence is a beach –

Behind you the sights of the past linger

Washed anew with water, salt, and air – a blue mist.

Here in this moment of Now –

The fragrances of pure nature, the dance and music of the oceans waves –

The wind.

Before and beyond sight, the horizon-lamp of the Sun

Sending light that reaches and illuminates the Infinite.

All around, the complex coastline – Fractal patterns of an elegant arrangement

Limitless worlds to explore.

On The Emerald Tablets

Here I have collected some quotes from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean by Doreal. Have you ever seen writing such as this? It is unique, coming from a unique source. This may well be one of the most important metaphysical texts of “our” time. I consider it to be one of the most unique works of symbolic writing ever, and think on it often.

↠ Through order ye shall find the way.

Saw ye not that the Word came from Chaos?

Saw ye not that the Light came from Fire?

Look in thy life for disorder

Balance and order thy life.

Quell all the chaos of emotions

And thou shalt have order in life.

Order brought forth from Chaos

Will bring thee the word of the Source

Will give thee the power of Cycles

And make of thy soul a Force

That free will extend through the Ages,

A Perfected Sun from the Source.

↠ Formless am I of the Light-Soul

Formless, yet shining with light.

Thy soul dwells in realms of brightness.

↠ Throughout all space, Light is prevalent

Encompassing all with its banners of flame.

Hidden and buried, lost to man’s knowledge

Deep in the finite the Infinite exists.

↠ In all space there is only One Wisdom

Though seeming divided, it is One in the One.

All that exists comes forth from the Light,

And the Light comes forth from the All.

↠ Turn thy thoughts inward not outward

Find thou the Light-Soul within.

Know that thou art the Master,

All else is brought from within.

Grow thou to realms of brightness.

Hold thou thy thought on the Light

Know thou art one with the Cosmos

A flame and a child of the Light.

If you want to read the whole text, I suggest a copy from AbeBooks or Amazon. Doreal is the author / translator and Source Books Inc. is the publisher. I recommend NOT skipping the introduction by Doreal. It contains many things that you will want to know before diving in, such as:

⁃ How old the tablets are

⁃ Who was Thoth-Hermes really

⁃ Where did he come from and why

⁃ What the tablets look like, what they are made of

⁃ What language they are written in

⁃ Where and why Doreal received them

⁃ Why we should read them

And here is some background information. The tablets received and translated by Doreal in his work are said to have been written by Thoth, this same Thoth who was also called Hermes and is a prominent figure from archeological, metaphysical, and alchemical studies (and is immortalized in the Egyptian pantheon as a divinity of knowledge and writing).

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean (plural) are a totally different text from The Emerald Tablet (singular). Thoth the Atlantean is an entire book received by Doreal and said to have its origin in or near the Great Pyramid. This is a long book concerning such things as the ascension of the soul, some advice regarding that, the metaphysical meanings of numbers, and extrapolation on sacred geometry and the nature of light (plus many more things besides).

The Emerald Tablet (singular) was written by someone who signed it “Thrice-Great Hermes” who could be the same Thoth-Hermes who wrote the Atlantean book. But this short, singular Emerald Tablet came to us in a different way. It originated in Egypt. This tablet, inscribed on a slab of green crystal in a proto-Phonecian language is a summary of the whole art of alchemy. It was translated and retranslated from its script to Egyptian, and then Greek and Latin and carried everywhere that alchemy arose. Some old translations have even been found in Chinese. It was handed down through generations from teacher to student for countless thousands of years, and is just as relevant today as the day it was written. The single tablet on alchemy is small enough to be printed out as a bookmark and kept within the Doreal book, as they make excellent companions and illuminate each other.

The Compass of Ingenuity

The Arrow is integrity of direction, sure to hit the target. From an offering bowl rises the Sun. A tree of abundant leaves grows near a well-loved sacred place. In the far past, humanity knew perfect direction from the stars and seasons. Before there was the compass, instinct which is a deep observation and mastery of nature guided us, and still guides the Ones who honor it.

The Orchid of Passion

The harmonious use of passion gives rise to serene and wholesome life. Opportunities are unlimited and yet only the right ones are chosen. Blessings come from accepting the way things truly are. The hidden order in the universe becomes visible to the one who acknowledges it. All things are loved and significant. The Great Spirit of existence infused all things with the cosmic perfume of sacred presence.